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Delivery and Returns


Door-to-door delivery is carried out throughout EU and CIS countries, as well as in other regions, conditional upon the individual request of a customer. 

Cost of delivery

Delivery cost consists of a single tariff and is indicated at the last stage of placing an Order on the Site.

Delivery takes place by courier throughout the EU, CIS and other countries, the term depends on the region you have chosen.


1. Refusal before the courier leaves
You can refuse the order up to the moment of its sending. To do this, you must inform about your decision by phone +79055317079 from 9:00 to 18:00 on business days.
You have the right to refuse to purchase the ordered goods at the time of their receipt without payment for delivery services, if during the inspection of the product you find a visible defect. In this case, we can offer you to replace the product with the same quality.

2. Return of the goods
The cliet has the right to refuse the goods at any time before its transfer, and after the transfer of the goods - within 30 days after the client has received the goods..
Return of good quality goods is possible if its presentation and consumer properties are preserved. The product, labels, packaging must have the original presentation (for shirts - undisturbed factory convolution) and must be a receipt. Also, a document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of the specified goods (sales or cash receipt). The absence of the specified document from the buyer does not deprive him of the opportunity to refer to other evidence of the purchase of goods from this seller.
You can declare your desire to return the product by calling +79055317079 from 9:00 to 18:00 on business days or write to e-mail
Refunds are made by bank transfer to the buyer's bank account during 10 days.

3. Claims for goods / order of inadequate quality
If you received goods of inadequate quality, and this was not agreed upon in advance by the seller, you have the right to request a refund.
You have the right to refuse to fulfill the contract of sale, return the goods of inadequate quality and demand a refund of the sum of money paid for the goods, previously calling +79055317079 from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays.
Claims for the return of the sum of money paid for the goods shall be satisfied within 10 days from the date of presentation of the corresponding demand.
Please do not forget to check the quality of the goods at the time of delivery.

Good Quality Return Policy

1. Fill out a return application in free format describing the reason of return.
2. Contact us by e-mail or by phone +79055317079, tell us the order number and code of the returned goods.
3. The shipment should be returned by client's own expense.

To return the goods, as well as in the case of claims for the quality of the goods, it is necessary to make a return application. In the application, we ask you to indicate in detail which particular defect contains the goods you are returning. Also, when filling out the application, please note that the money for the goods, in case of inadequate quality, and the corresponding shipping costs, can be returned using one of the methods indicated in the application. Please note that the cost of goods returned in violation of the return conditions is not refundable, and also cannot be sent back to the client!